Conference Topic

  1. Localizing the SDGs in Public Health: Environmental Health, Occupational and Industrial Health, Epidemiology, Food Safety, Nutrition and Malnutrition, Infectious Diseases, Maternal and Child Health, Mental and Behavioral Health, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Urban Public Health, Veterinary Public Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene.
  2. Localizing the SDGs in Nursing and Midwifery: Access to Health Care Nursing Education & Research, Acute Care, Orthopedics Nursing, Case Management Nursing, Cancer Nursing, Midwifery and Women Health Nursing, Critical Care & Emergency Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Nursing Practice, Clinical Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Advanced Nursing Practice, Types of Nursing, Patient Safety, Nursing Care Law, New Technologies in Nursing.
  3. Localizing the SDGs in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacy practice, Pharmacogenomics, Novel drug delivery system, Clinical Pharmacy, Adrenergic Drugs, Anesthesia Pharmacology, Characterization of Drugs and Bio therapeutics, Applications of ADME in Early Drug Discovery, Chemotherapy and other antineoplastic drugs, Cholinergic Drugs, Design and optimization of dosage regimens, Drug Development, Drug metabolism & interactions, Nursing Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical crops, Pharmaceuticals testing, Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Serotonin Pharmacology, Rapid Methods to Assess Quality & Stability of Bio therapeutics.
  4. Localizing the SDGs in Medical Sciences: Alternative Health, Disability and Rehabilitation, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Dermatology, Orthopedic, Reproductive Medicine, Gynecology, Anastesia, Parasitology and Microbiology, Medical Ethics, Biomedic
  5. Localizing the SDGs in Applied Sciences Related to Health Development: Health Law, Health Policy, Health Economy, Health Management, Health Education and Promotion, Education for Sustainable Development, Teaching & assessment, Learning in practice – Clinical education, New technologies, simulation and social media in teaching and practice, Evidence and educational discourse, Research, scholarship and evaluation, Professional development & leadership.

Other relevant research areas